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Promo Games

Promotional games are used in promoting sales by offering consumers an opportunity to participate in a lottery in which winning is based, at least partly, on chance.
Decision to play is influenced by at least three factors: the perceived chances of winning, the value of potential prizes, and the value of play itself.

Promotional Games features:

  • Build a stronger brand
  • Instant prize competition
  • Impulse customer engagement
  • Embedded to Website or standalone
  • Online-only content availability
  • Social sharing and virality

Social Sharing

Social sharing supports your product virality and help to attract users for free, using UGC. In marketing, user-generated content refers to content related to your brand that’s created by someone who’s not an official representative of your business.

Convenient Gameplay

Convenient and popular game genres. Casual but exciting gameplay, chosen thanks to many years of experience and analysis of hundreds of games.

Leaderboard Competition

Leaderboards can be a fun way to drive competition among your casual players, who will be interested in comparing their progress to their friends. That drives players retention and could be used for social sharing and viral mechanics to distribute the game.

Web Integration

Publishing games on your existing Website or Mobile App is a great way to get people engaging with your content, which will keep them on your platform for longer. That helps to drive Retention, MAU and DAU metrics for your product.

Rapid Development

Most games here on the play arcade are HTML5 which means you won't need any plug ins to play these games. Gameplay presets and adaptive design shortens development cycle from months to weeks.


Choosing most efficient tools to achieve best results possible

Focusing on what's important for our clients and their target audience

We listen our customers and continuously improve our products

Using cutting edge technologies to provide most efficient solutions on the market

Cross platform development

We design our solutions to work properly on multiple platforms
Single codebase for all supported platforms is the best way to balance quality, speed and cost of development. 

Tools that we use:

  • Unity 3D and Unreal Engine — to create an environment
  • 3ds Max, Blender, AutoCAD — for 3D modelling
  • React, Three.js, Flutter — for Web and Mobile
  • VRChat, AltspaceVR, Decentraland — for Metaverse integrations


Using browser is still the fastest way to access any product



Integration into iOS and Android Apps drives MAU and Retention


VR Headset

The most immersive way to experience virtual tours



Rich experiences for offline use on tradeshows and kiosk mode for public spaces